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The north-west of the island is blessed with an array of environmental, historical and cultural features. Amid pastureland, sandy shores and towering limestone cliffs, people and animals have shared for millennia the experience of the impressive mistral (north-west wind) blowing the salt-laden air. The paths that initially connected the villages and the nuraghi now also link up the elements of the modern infrastructure.

Today, a dense network of trails makes it possible for hikers to make their way through the typical Mediterranean maquis, either on their own or in the company of an expert guide. We invite you to get to know our part of the world – we will be sure to take account of your particular needs, advising you where to go and how to get there.

– Trekking: Argentiera;

– Trekking: Capo Caccia promontory and Torre della Pegna tower;

– Trekking: Punta Giglio;



Our desire to offer our guests a wide range of options for activities and excursions led us to partner up with Escursì.

Escursì is an online portal that allows users to access an extensive catalogue of excursions and experiences of various types, provided by various operators located all across Sardinia.

You can access the site directly or through us. You can then browse the catalogue and book the experiences that interest you the most.

Via a single site, you can thus choose the geographical area, the type of activity, the services and the operators that appeal to you the most.

At Il Melo, you will find the catalogue as well as a display giving examples of the trips available.