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How to reach Asinara Island.


From Porto Torres:

Asinara Island can be reached via a public ferry service, departing from the Dogana-Segni dock in the commercial port of Porto Torres.

The service is provided using the “Sara D” ferry, run by the Delcomar shipping line ;

For up-to-date information on costs and times, please visit the official website of the shipping line, or request information at Reception during your stay at Il Melo.


Delcomar – Management Office
Telephone : +39 0781 857123


Office for information on the Porto Torres – Asinara line

Telephone : +39 345 3683626

You can only board the Sara D on foot or by bike – no private cars are permitted to disembark on Asinara Island. You can park your car free of charge at the dock.

Tickets can be purchased on board the Sara D or at the Riu newsstand in Piazza Colombo.

After a journey lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes, you will disembark at the Cala Reale dock on Asinara Island.

The National Park can be visited in several different ways.

Bicycle hire.

You can hire bicycles and make your way right around the island, aside from just a few, well-signposted areas – the so-called Aree A, (“A-Areas”) – which people are not permitted to visit (the island is protected by Carabinieri and forestry guards, whose duties include the safeguarding of these areas). At Fornelli, Cala d’Oliva and Cala Reale you will find catering facilities that are open seasonally (information can be found at Reception at Il Melo Residence).

If you intend to hire bicycles directly on Asinara Island, you can contact the Windsurfing Center, which has a fleet of bicycles scattered across the island.

Excursions in a Jeep.

On board an 8-seater SUV you can get a sense of the island as a whole, taking in both its historical and natural aspects. We recommend this type of excursion, since it enables you to visit almost the whole island; in addition, if you choose a visit accompanied by an exclusive guide from the National Park, you will glean a real sense of the island’s significance and history, its beauty and uniqueness.

One of the operators we work with is Asinara 4×4.

Excursions by Boat and Catamaran (half-day).

If you prefer constant contact with the sea, you can visit the island’s coast by boat. A Sea Safari lasting half a day – morning or afternoon – is offered by companies including Futurismo.

The person in charge, Claudio Serra, is a marine biologist who will lead the trip and help you to discover the island, its wild coasts and its marine fauna, accompanying you and supplying all of the equipment you need for snorkelling.

Excursions by Boat and Catamaran (full day).

If you like the idea of spending the entire day relaxing in a catamaran, savouring a delicious lunch on board, contact the Stintino Windsurfing Center.

Public transport.

As we always remind our guests, Asinara Island is enormous, and so any attempt to visit it on foot in a single day is crazy!

Seasonally, during the summer months, public transport is available in the form of a minibus, which runs along the asphalt road that links up Fornelli, Cala Reale and Cala d’Oliva. The start date of the public transport service and information on the timetables and stops are communicated on a seasonal basis, so ask at Reception at Il Melo if you want to use this service.

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