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What to see in Alghero

Visit Alghero, the historical centre and the bastions

A small linguistic and cultural island within the larger island of Sardinia, located in the heart of the Coral Riviera, the city of Alghero attracts large number of tourists even in the low season.
The presence of the airport and, until recently, of large numbers of low cost flights have enabled this Catalan-influence city to develop an excellent reputation for its tourism and culture.

The enchanting old town, built in the Aragonese-Catalan style, is where the faculty of Architecture and Design is located, and it is home to numerous bars, fashionable shops and historic monuments. Every evening, it is a hotspot for revellers, who in the summer like to linger here until late before moving on to any of a number of nightclubs. Its white beaches and large pedestrianised area close to the port, awash with bars and restaurants, are reminiscent of the seafront of Barcelona.
The locals in Alghero have retained their specific dialect, which is redolent of the years of Catalan domination and is now officially recognised by the Italian government as a minority language.

This link is also evident in the presence within the city of the office of a delegation of the regional government of Catalonia.
And yet the history of the area where Alghero is located stretches back much farther than the Middle Ages. Just a few miles away, you can visit the ancient necropolis of Anghelo Ruju, whereas on the road for Capo Caccia, after the beaches of Bombarde and Lazzaretto, in the bay of Porto Conte, you will come to the nuragic complex of Sant’Imbenia.

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