Covid-19 - How do we deal with it? - Il Melo Residence a Porto Torres Contact us

Dear Guest,

as you well know 2020 has catapulted all of Us into a sudden change of daily habits that we never imagined.

By now we all know and have acquired behaviors that lead us to be more attentive to ourselves and others, so we do not need to add recommendations to what we already know. However, it is our pleasure and duty to let you know how we approach this moment in our Residence and to give you some information that may come in handy.

To make your entry to the island easier, we recommend that you stay up-to-date with the current ordinances of the Region of Sardinia (

Thus, we have created the following health guidelines referring to the WHO communiqué of 31.03.2020 dedicated specifically to the Hospitality sector.

Below you will find information regarding the Facility, reception activities and CheckIn/CHeck-out, PPE(Personal Protective Equipment), CPD (Collective Protective Equipment), cleaning/sanitation, laundry and waste disposal.

Prevention measures in the Facility

The Melo consists of 12 two-room apartments, each with its own entrance facing either the inner courtyard or facing the parking lot (private and inside the facility). Each of the apartments has a bedroom, bathroom with shower, equipped kitchen and private terrace/patio.

The structure allows you to be able to access your own living unit without having to go through closed rooms shared with other Guests.

At this sensitive time we have decided to bring to a minimum the presence of fabrics (such as curtains, …) which would need continuous treatments that are difficult to manage.

Bed and bath linens are managed and delivered by Mareblu, Industrial Laundry, which operates following the ISO 9001 Certification system. In essence, we may not be at our best but now more than ever better healthy than beautiful 🙂

Reception and Check-in

We would like to invite our Guests to use Self Check-Inprocedures, with the transmission of personal identity documents via e-mail or the more common Whatsapp instant messaging system; while payments can be handled by communicating Credit Card details or making a bank transfer.

The Self Check-In procedure is sent at the time of booking. The Guest will directly find the keys in the apartment he or she has booked and will be provided with the necessary information to reach it and orient himself or herself inside the property. It is possible to carry out the traditional check-in from 4 to 7 p.m., but different arrival needs, beyond the communicated time, must be agreed upon at least one day before arrival.

Reception staff will wear mask and gloves, will not shake hands with Guests, and will keep the safe distance recommended by experts. Guests should also take the same precautions.


May be done independently and will be told where to leave the keys.

Personal Protective Equipment

Disposable gloves and face mask will be worn by staff at all times. A Dispencer with Hand Sanitizer will be found at the entrance to the Front Desk. Housekeeping staff will use surgical mask or FFP1/2/3 (depending on the situation), protective goggles, gloves, disposable footwear, disposable coveralls and disposable waterproof apron (the latter two when needed).

Collective Protection Devices

A pvc screen will be placed on the reception desk and at the reception entrance you will find a dispenser for hand sanitizing gel h24. Masks (non-surgical and not of the FFP1/2/3 type) and disposable gloves will be available at the Guest’s request, if not provided.

Apartment cleaning/sanitation

We will perform linen change and cleaning, included in the rate, every 7 days. Final cleaning will not be the responsibility of the Guest.


Pre-stay cleaning – How we proceed to Sanitize


Consists of ‘removing all organic material and dirt from surfaces with the use of traditional cleaners, such as degreaser, bactericide, scale remover, dishwashing detergent. These products do not have disinfectant power, but this operation must be done first, as you cannot sanitize without sanitizing first.

Disinfect or sanitize 

It consists of eliminating viruses, bacteria, various microorganisms and mold from surfaces and is carried out with alcohol and bleach, or rather with products that contain percentages of Ethanol and Sodium Hypochloride. Surfaces treated with Sodium Hypochloride will subsequently be rinsed with clean water after letting the product act.

We are not yet in possession of ozone or molecular fragmentation treatments as they are not declared mandatory by WHO and as we have not yet found official communications on the ‘suitable use of these in the hotel industry. When necessary, sanitization with these tools is carried out by certified companies. We follow up with updates on this.


There is a laundry service in the facility, you will find in the apartment a bag with the room number that you will give to the reception when you need to use the service. In case the front desk is closed, you can give notice on whatsapp.


There is a garbage area on the property with directions for accomplishing proper waste collection. It will be the Guest’s responsibility to dispose of waste during, but especially at the end of their stay. We ask you, for obvious reasons of hygiene and respect, to follow local regulations.

All the above procedures are currently in progress and will be until next change.